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Sadism Defined

Mistress Simone attempts to enlighten her listeners on sadism and what it could mean within the BDSM context. A difficult concept to pin down or clarify, she takes on the daunting task of distinguishing good vs bad interactions, safety protocol, the inner beast that must be watched and goal of one's sadism. Using common definitions and psychological guidelines, she dispells common misguided concepts of what being a sadist means for those of us within the BDSM world.

This will be the first of a continuing discussion as this topic is a multi-faceted and broad concept. Enjoy the beginning of the sadism series. 

Travel Dates

For the near future I will be concentrating on my home cities.
till April 2020


As your Mistress, I strive to enhance our time together by exploring both our inner fetish desires. What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude.


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