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Luxury of the Internet

The internet- what a wonderful thing. But is it good for our profession and lifestyle? How has the way we interact changed due to it? When Mistress Simone began her journey as a leather Mistress, this tool did not exist. Now it runs everything. Without a web presence, prodommes cannot gain new clients as well as keep in touch with regulars. Dangerous predators can hide behind online profiles on a wide assortment of hook up sites. Even Fetlife has its pitfalls with such. In this episode Mistress Simone discusses how she feels the internet has affected the business and community.

Travel Dates

For the near future I will be concentrating on my home cities.
till April 2020


As your Mistress, I strive to enhance our time together by exploring both our inner fetish desires. What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude.


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