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Mistress Simone: Chicago and St. Louis Dominatrix

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I am Chicago's strict disciplinarian, enema nurse and bondage specialist.

As a Chicago Professional Dominatrix of 20 years, I have assisted submissives in creating  BDSM ritual out of the mundane,  kink realism from the fantasy and life structure from chaos. I have now added St.Louis as my second dominatrix location.

My BDSM specialties, my favorite fetishes, and my limitations will be revealed on my site.  Let me tell you how I view my female dominance and how it will suit your desires as a submissive. You will be required to pay close attention to the facts as it may affect whether I deem you worthy of a  BDSM session or not.

While I am a Strict Mistress and Extreme Sadist, those labels limit me as a Professional Dominatrix. My pleasure does not come from being cruel, but from the sacrifice one makes to serve me. I have the ability to tailor each session to the BDSM and/or fetish interests of the person. I enjoy men. I enjoy women. Sexual orientation does not matter to me. Our BDSM encounter and relationship is my kink. It is what turns me on. For a true power exchange to occur, you must have some to relinquish. You will find me to possess a vivid imagination, wicked wit and wide array of BDSM skills and experience. The needs of the  BDSM novice to the more experienced fetishist can be guided by my dominant will.  Submissive men, women, and trans: gay straight or bisexual are encouraged to visit my Chicago or Saint Louis dungeon. It is about the kink exploration we will do together, not our labels. All your limits will be respected.

Sincerity, integrity, and honesty are the key philosophies within my domain.

My Domination Focus

Within my professional dominance, I focus on our mutual S&M interests and kink exploration in a safe, sane and consensual environment. A Dominant/submission exchange should be rooted in trust, honesty and mutual respect. Taking you out of the mundane world of strife and stress and into a  kinky world of extreme fetishism will be my goal for our time together. Leave your worries at my door and enter into where you belong: with me, your Mistress.

I view it as the true calling of a  Professional Dominatrix to assist those who come to see her in becoming comfortable with themselves and their fetishes.

Active in the international kink, fetish and leather community, I serve in my own way by teaching around the country.
There is an entire page devoted to the BDSM activities and fetishes I engage in at my dungeon. Review it. Fill out the session application. It will enable me to design a fetish scene tailored towards heightening our mutual enjoyment.

As a full-time Mistress dually located in Chicago and St. Louis, I have two complete domination spaces available. My BDSM fetish studios are clean, private and well-equipped. They provide a safe atmosphere for all who seek to experience any aspect of the kink lifestyle. Chicago is conveniently located near downtown Chicago, easy for taxis, public transportation, and cars! St. Louis is near the airport in a private residence. Secure parking available.  Images of both locations may be seen on my Gallery Page.

As your Mistress, I strive to enhance our time together by exploring both our inner fetish desires. What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude.

Are you willing? Then take the next step and proceed into the realm of Chicago Mistress Simone.


Domination Interests

My BDSM interests:

Listed here are some of the fetish activities I engage in as a professional domina. All are ones I enjoy and am experienced in administering. Some personal favorites include:

Bondage: From a simple bondage position to total encasement.

CBT: Watching a boy's reaction as I cause a myriad of sensations is one of my biggest enjoyments.

Latex: I have a wide selection of latex fetish devices, including an inflatable body bag and straightjacket.

Foot, Pantyhose & High Heel Worship: My pedicured, size 9 feet loved to be sucked, kissed and rubbed. I especially enjoy face smothering with my feet- bare or pantyhosed.

Discipline: Pity those over my knee as I am a true disciplinarian! My hand is my best implement. I will leave you red-bottomed and begging for more. Your correction will be designed to alert the offending behavior. It will stop only when I, your Chicago Disciplinarian, feel you have learned your lesson.

Crossdressing & Feminization: I love taking big, strong men and making them my girly bitch. Sissy maids are a fondness.

Manhandling: Your body is mine! Smothering, Ball stepping and kicking, trampling: All are favorites of mine. As a curvy, muscular woman, I enjoy placing you under me.

Sadism:  If you enjoy being tortured at the hands of a beautiful woman, administering such techniques has become an art form to me.

• Medical: Highly precise medical procedures are my other forte. Enemas especially hold my interest from mixtures, volume retention to deep cleansings.  My technique in medical leans toward the firm yet sensual. Invasive     techniques tend to be more intimate in nature.  Therefore, you will be probed,quizzed and examined to my satisfaction. If you seek this kind of attention, the Nurse is in! 

As fetishes and kinks can be very unique and imaginative, if your kink is not listed here, please email me.

Travel Dates

For the near future I will be concentrating on my home cities.
till April 2020


As your Mistress, I strive to enhance our time together by exploring both our inner fetish desires. What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude.


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